So, you are looking for the right web design and development Company in Pakistan.

Well, we thought to list a few important questions that can help you locate the right company for your business website.

So, without wasting any time, let’s just jump straight to, questions you should definitely ask from a web design and development company before handing over the project:

Q1. Have your past experience of working in my industry?

Well, this might seem a bit off-track but believe me this can be one of the most beneficial aspects of the entire process. Working with an agency with prior experience in your industry means that the people there understand the needs and requirements of the business and know how to attract the audience with respect to website’s functionalities and design. Furthermore, if they have already accomplished a prior project in your industry, you will automatically gain a competitive edge as the agency would have already done the competitors’ analysis and can serve you better.

Q2. How would they rate the user experience in their website design and development process?

Brands aren’t born out of greatest services or revolutionary ideas alone, brands are born out of exceptional user-experience and customer service. So, ask them what they think about the user experience and how they intend to integrate that into your website. And God’s forbid if they sound a bit casual with respect to user-experience you got only one way to go – To the doors.

Q3. What is their expertise in the content management system (CMS)?

Content Management System is an integral part of web design and development process. It enables users to easily maintain and update websites without having to hire professional services. Thereby, ask them what CMS they are good at or which CMS they think will work better for you. There are various open-source CMS platforms like WordPress, which are used by the majority of agencies. However, some companies do offer their own content management system. Ask them about the pros and cons of different CMS and work out which one is better for your business.

Q4. Do I get to meet your team?

Ok, this is an important query to make. The problem is that when you approach an agency for design and development work, they will over claim their expertise and experienced team. However, often many companies operate with few senior and experienced professionals who are tasked to manage a large pool of junior developers. Once, they have your project, they throw it over to junior members who will then be responsible for completion of the project. Now, when you ask to meet the team, you should actually ask for specific team members who will be managing your project technically and administratively. This will give you a chance to determine the expertise and service standard of the agency.

Q5.How will you manage changes or updates after the completion of the project?

Changes and updates are a regular part of a website. A reputed web design and development company will actually include a fundamental training session to teach you how to operate CMS and manage any changes or updates to our website. It is recommended to have a detailed list of changes or updates you think will be needed in the future and ask them about each of those changes and how would you get them done by yourself.


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