So, you are offering web design services in Pakistan. You feel pressured to sell your products to businesses and customers? Even with the digital marketing team, businesses may struggle to squeeze adequate return on investment from their online businesses nowadays. Especially when we talk about web design and development services

Why selling web design services may come hard?

To be frank, selling any service/product online nowadays is difficult. The problem isn’t the lack of customers (which by the way are growing each day), the problem is raising competition in the industry. And when we talk about web design services, it is one of the most competitive e-commerce industries, so making your mark with such a massive and hostile competition is certainly not an easy job. Just search “web design services in the Pakistan” and you will probably get millions of businesses/freelancers ready to go at all lengths to grab customers.

So, where does it leave your chances?

Well, don’t fret, we got you covered here. Below we list some master maneuvers that will help you secure more projects for your services:

– Quantify Your Services

When we look at the number of companies offering designing services, we see that they are more focused on marketing the aesthetics/visual aspect of the website. Now, although website designing is an art, people are no more interested in bargaining money for art, rather they are more interested in numbers.

So, from now on when you market your services to potential clients, make sure you restrict your focus on aesthetics and increase focus on tangible aspects. For instance, highlight the benefits and value your services can bring to their business, let them know the tangible aspects of how they can increase their revenue stream by investing in your web design services.

Some quantifiable metrics you can stress upon include:

–          Increased Productivity

–          Customized and individualistic business standing

–          Trackable Metrics

–          Targeted marketing

Use whatever graphs or statistics you can use to highlight the benefits your services bring to their businesses. Some simple to access stats like the number of online users, number of mobile users etc. can be helpful in adding value to your marketing metrics.

Also, since websites aren’t a small investment especially for small businesses and startups, you need to make them understand why they need to make this investment and what they can expect from their investment. Although a majority of people are already aware of the necessity and importance of a website, they need someone to convince them with reassurance to make the investment.

– Be Original

As we discussed earlier, web design and development services is a highly competitive and over-saturated market. You need your own individualistic standing to attract customers to your business and one of the surest approaches in this regard is to be simply “YOU”. The catch here is to remain consent on who you are and not trying to portray your business as someone else. Even if you feel like marketing yourself as a big brand when you essentially are a small business, you need to be open about it and instead focus on your strengths.

When approaching a potential client, don’t miss-out the human aspect. Always communicate in the first person tone and be open about your business model and what you can offer.

Being original will not only help you feel comfortable in marketing your services, it will actually help clients to communicate with you as a human. This will translate into a better and lasting relationship which eventually will lead to more sales and increased revenues.

– Be Open with your Services:

Your services and approach shouldn’t be hidden from customers. Take your clients as students and teach them whatever they are seeking. This is especially an important approach when you are dealing with small businesses or startups as they will be looking for some basic learning.

Even today, many business owners aren’t well-aware of the potential and gains of a well-designed website, however, you as an expert do realize its importance. Thereby, make them learn why they need a professionally developed website and the number of things they can achieve with it, including:

–          Subscriptions

–          E-commerce Payments

–          Sales

–          Newsletters

–          Content Management

–          Bill Payments

These and many other professional functionalities are often most difficult to achieve with  DIY or low budget projects, while many business owners find themselves wondering how to grow their business. The catch here is not to present a host of functionalities and services but how well you understand their needs and make them understand technologies that can help them.

– Products sell more than services

Now, here’s something that’s related to clients’ psyche. Customers are more likely to fall for products than services and you can simply package your services into products for better sales.

Now, packaging into products demands little thought process. The first approach will be to systemize your business processes and determine the amount of time it takes to deliver specific tasks. Once you have the basic understanding, simply bundle up related services and market them as products. And not to forget the focus on automation whenever possible.

Not only bundling services as products help you make more sales, it also help improve your business efficiency with smarter and controlled processes.

Here, products can be made to meet different requirements. You can package products with respect to industry or by type. The one catch here is to avoid over claiming your services, for instance, don’t market yourself as a one-stop solution for all website needs, better focus on marketing as a specialist for the specific category.

Products can be created around a variety of needs. You could offer your web design services by industry or even by type of website. The important thing is that you avoid marketing yourself as the all-in-one website design solution. Pick a specialty that you can excel at and focus on that, for instance:

–          Consultancy website

–          Lawyer Website

–          E-commerce Website

–          Magazine Website

–          Portfolio Website

–          etc.


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