API Pilot Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is committed to fostering a flexible and inclusive work environment. Our Hybrid Workplace Policy aims to provide guidelines for employees who work both on-site and remotely. This policy is designed to maintain productivity, collaboration, and work-life balance while ensuring the security and privacy of company information.

  1. Eligibility:1.1 Employees eligible for the hybrid workplace arrangement are those whose roles and responsibilities allow for remote work without compromising operational efficiency.

    1.2 Approval for hybrid work arrangements is subject to departmental and managerial discretion, considering the nature of the role and individual performance.

  2. Work Schedule:2.1 Employees must adhere to the agreed-upon work schedule, whether on-site or remote, and remain reachable during regular working hours.

    2.2 Flexibility in work hours may be permitted, provided it does not impact team collaboration, deadlines, or client commitments.

  3. Communication and Collaboration:3.1 Utilize digital communication tools for seamless collaboration, including video conferencing, instant messaging, and project management platforms.

    3.2 Employees are expected to attend virtual meetings promptly and actively participate in team discussions.

  4. Security and Data Protection:4.1 Ensure the secure handling of company data and confidential information, both on-site and remotely.

    4.2 Adhere to the company’s IT security policies and use approved tools for remote access.

  5. Equipment and Technology:5.1 Provide employees with the necessary equipment and technology to perform their duties effectively, whether on-site or remotely.

    5.2 Report any issues with company-provided equipment promptly to the IT department.

  6. Work Environment:6.1 Maintain a professional and ergonomic work environment at home, adhering to occupational health and safety guidelines.

    6.2 On-site employees should follow workplace safety protocols and guidelines.

  7. Performance Evaluation:7.1 Employee performance will be evaluated based on agreed-upon Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), irrespective of the work location.

    7.2 Managers will assess individual and team productivity, collaboration, and adherence to company policies.

  8. Changes to Work Arrangement:8.1 Requests for changes to the hybrid work arrangement should be submitted to the HR department for consideration.

    8.2 The company reserves the right to reassess and modify hybrid work arrangements based on operational needs.

By adhering to this Hybrid Workplace Policy, API Pilot Technologies aims to create a dynamic work environment that supports employee well-being, collaboration, and business success.