As a marketer or business owner, you must have come across the terms “Graphic Design” on various occasions. Generalizing the term, we all know it refers to the process of creating aesthetic images that relate to your needs.

But what really is a graphic design and how you can get started with the process of creating your own graphics?

We thought so let’s just dissect the entire process for you and let you learn the basics of the process. So keep reading as we explore the insights into graphics for beginners.

What is graphic design?

To say the least, it represents a process of creating art with a value and purpose behind it. It’s isn’t a random artwork that we commonly associate with artists, rather it’s a novel and systematic approach that is followed to come up with a solution for specific objectives using different elements. To sum up the process, graphics represent the visual communication with the aesthetic element using different tools and tricks.

How to make the graphic design?

As we said earlier, the process of graphic design involves the use of various elements to come up with purposeful artwork for specific objectives. Different elements involved in the process include:

Lines: lines form the fundamental and most versatile element of the process. A designer has limitless possibilities to use lines in varying compositions including thick, thin, wavy, and others to create aesthetics and purpose to design. Lines are also used as direction indicators (visual path lines) or strategic dividers between images and texts.

Shapes: shapes are the other important element involved in the creation of visually aesthetic designs. They are preferred to instill creativity in graphics, while also sued strategically to fill void spaces in between images, text, and other elements.

Color: color is a strategic element of the graphic design process. With a thorough understanding of color theory, a designer is able to create the most pleasant and influential visuals that deliver the punch for brands. This is also one of the most important elements of the process as it carries the entire value of designs.

Texture: the texture is what adds the depth and appropriation of a design. It offers a visual appearance of a design the tangibility element.

How to do graphic design?

Graphic design together with content production is an important element of business marketing; irrespective of the platform or purpose. It is one element that can help marketers tremendously by adding value to marketing material. Interestingly, learning graphic design doesn’t need any special college degree or formal education, rather one can simply master the process by understanding some basics and learning the use of the software.

Below we have assorted some useful tips and tools that can help you in your quest for, how to do graphic design, so just keep reading until the end.

  1. Engage the influencers

Influencers are the industry experts whom people follow and trust. As a marketing person, we assume you already understand the importance of getting to know these influencers and learning from them. These industry experts are often open to the audience in sharing their success tips and tricks and you can get some pretty awesome insights into the trade just by following them or talking to them (if possible).

Now, if you are wondering how to engage such high-profile industry experts then relax because this isn’t as difficult as it may sound at first; especially with the presence of social media platforms. Your first step should be to turn to some viable social media platforms used by “Influencers”. Now as a pro tip, since we are talking about influencers of the graphics design industry, it’s a better idea to find them on social media platforms that deal with images more than texts, think Instagram or Twitter.

  • Make your own collection of inspirational work

The influencers will only help you start off by learning some insights into the trade, however, you got to progress yourself by learning patterns and systems hidden in graphic designs. To do this, the best idea is to start making your own inspirational collection board of images. This is simple, just bookmark images or designs that you find interactive or make a board on Pinterest. Collecting inspirational work will help you discover the hidden patterns in each design, while you will also get to discover your personal style and interests.

  • Dissection

It takes multiple stages to bring to life any inspirational graphic design. This is by far one of the most important aspects to learn. You got to understand and master the process of creating inspirational graphics by combining different elements that we have discussed above.

Though there are various other factors that come into play in any designing process, the basics always remain the same. Every masterpiece is built by intelligently combining simple elements in perfect balance. Try to learn that dissecting the designs into basics, it will reveal whole new horizons for your understanding.

  • Improve the search queries

As a marketer, you must understand the importance of making the right search queries. The internet is full of highly interactive and helpful tutorials that can help you understand all technicalities, irrespective of discipline. Think like this, if something is bothering you, there is a high chance someone else must have had the same query and someone must have had uploaded a solution to that as well. The trick is to get specific in the searches that will help you find the relevant tutorials over the internet and begin learning the process.

  • Reproduce

Once you are done with all of the above steps, it’s time to start making your own designs. But wait, you just can’t start on your own. The best way to start your graphic designing journey is to imitate your favorite artworks. Try to reproduce your favorite graphics by following the basics, this will help you get started faster than you have thought.

Summing Up:

Graphic designing isn’t a hard-learned trade at all, all you need to do is to follow the footsteps of the “influencers” get your basics straight, and try to come up with your inspirational work at first and you will be on the course to become a master designer.