Are you a dronethusiast? What do you find a themost tempting aspect of the drone? Is it the durability or performance?

Well, the fact that you are here proves your love and passion for drones and we are sure you are keen to know some stunning flying machines to grab. There are a whole lot of varieties of drones available in the market, ranging from racing drones to photography drones and from toy drones to some awesome sporty drones. All you need is to have a better understanding of your own requirement, so you can choose the best. As far as we are concerned, for us, quadcopter drones with camera and GPS are the best of the lot.

The reason why we prefer quadcopters over some other varieties of drones is backed by the fact that these small flying machines come with awesome features, mobility, and reliability. They are ideally suited to take some awe-inspiring aerial imagery and well, even video recording. Generally, quadcopters are made into either H or X frames, fitted with 4 rotors. They offer excellent maneuverability and flight control, making them the best of the lot.

Now, just add the GPS with a quadcopter with a camera and what you get is a monstrous flying machine that isn’t just for fun but great for 3D mapping, the multispectral image capturing as well as various other purposes.

So, now let’s just cut the fuss short and see 5 best quadcopters with camera and GPS you can find in the market.

  • Force1 F100

What makes a drone the best in its category? For most people, it is the number of features offered by the drone. However, if you ask a professional, he will emphasize the quality of features, the stability and the reliability of the drone as the most important features and this Force1 F100 is definitely worth all the praise.

Force1 F100 is a highly reliable and stable drone that offers complete control irrespective of skill level. The quadcopter comes with a precise GPS, powerful brushless motors and a camera mount. Now, this quadcopter doesn’t have an inbuilt camera, rather you can mount a GoPro Hero 3 or 4 camera with it, but that’s even better than an inbuilt camera. The brushless motors give Force1 F100 a whisper-quiet flight, making it an ideal flying sorcerer to make high-quality videos with audio.

The drone merely cost $150, so even if you are thinking about the additional cost of buying a third party camera, the low cost makes up for the limitation. Besides, most of the in-built cameras in drone doesn’t offer the quality and stability that you’ll get from mounting a GoPro camera here.

Ok, this might not be the most professional quadcopter out there (people looking for some serious professional stuff refer to our second choice), the amazingly low price and utter control of Force1 F100 makes it worth listing at top of the list.

  • DJI Mavic Pro

If you are into drone stuff, you must have known DJI and the price tags its products comes with. Now DJI Mavic Pro is one of the low costing products from DJI, still, you’ll need to pay over $900 to own one of this flying sorcerer. But let us admit, the DJI Mavic Pro with its quality and high-end features is worth every single penny.

The quadcopter comes with a dual positioning system (GPS and GLONASS), which means you can take this anywhere you want and never bother to miss the signals. The machine includes an incredible smart stabilized camera with 4k video recording capabilities at 30FS.

Probably this is the best quadcopter with camera and GPS out in the market, provided you are ready to get robbed for the price.

  • Upair One Drone

IF you are into some long distance photography with a great camera and potent GPS capabilities, Upair One Drone is you go to machine. This is one smooth drone that’s just incredibly simple to operate and control. The quadcopter comes with a UHD camera capable of taking video and audio recording in 2.7K UHD.

On the downside, the Upair One Drone comes with a terrible battery that lasts no more than 19minutes, utterly devastating its utility for advanced users. However, if you are looking for something between F100 and a Mavic Pro, this is a good machine to start your drone skills.

  • Yuneec Typhoon H

This is yet another stunning machine with a camera and GPS. What sets this quadcopter apart is its powerful 4K enabled camera that is capable of taking slow-motion footage in 120FPS. Apart from the great camera, Yuneec Typhoon H carries a precise Scout X4 GPS. Overall, this is a great quadcopter with camera and GPS, that’s user-friendly especially for beginners.

  • Mystery Stone Bugs B2C RC GPS

Well, this might come as a surprise for many dronethusiasts who understands the bugs found in Mystery Stone Bugs B2C RC GPS. However, the reason we have decided to give it the fifth spot on our list is due to its ridiculously low pricing.

The main issue with Mystery Stone Bugs B2C RC GPS is its small size that makes is vulnerable in windy conditions. The drone comes with a GPS and 1080p camera which is totally worth for mere $180.


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